Shopping For Winter Tires In Canada


Purchasing the right tires for your vehicle is both important for safety on the road and peace of mind. With winter weather already upon us, it makes perfect sense to go ahead with the purchase of a new set of tires.

Advantages Of Winter Tires

Winter tires offer better traction and performance when temperatures drop to 7 degrees Celsius or lower. The tires perform better under icy and snow-covered roads compared to seasonal tires. Certain areas in Canada require by law the installation of these tires during the winter months. Winter tires are recommended in areas of the northern US because of extreme weather.

It makes sense for drivers to install a full set of new tires before temperatures fall below freezing. Weather can change from one week to the next during December through March.

Another great thing about winter tires is that they can be changed to all-season tires after the worst weather and be used again for a second winter season. Winter tires offer a better grip to the road surface by repelling water away to the sides during wet conditions. The tread pattern is designed to move the water outward to avoid the chance of the vehicle hydroplaning.

Purchasing The Best Winter Tires For Your Vehicle

Some drivers will buy both winter tires and new wheels to avoid removing the tires from the rims. It makes it easier for those drivers to have a full set of winter tires with rims to change out at home, rather than go through removing existing tires from the wheels on the vehicle.

The only extra cost is purchasing four additional wheels for that extra winter protection for the vehicle. Winter weather changes from year to year with some winters being extreme while others are mild. It could be related to the global warming factor. This is a major reason they choose this option.

Another advantage of selecting an excellent set of winter tires for a vehicle is to shop for them earlier in the year. Drivers can save money on the purchase of a full set by buying them before everyone else is doing the same thing. Retailers take advantage of drivers that wait until winter before purchasing new tires.

A new set of winter tires on other wheels can be used for several seasons before replacement. It is a smart purchasing option for those who are budget-minded but want safety during travel on the roads.

Winter tires in Canada will have a logo with 3 peaks and a snowflake to certify they are made for harsh weather. Tires can be purchased with metal studs embedded into the rubber for extra grip in heavy snow conditions. These are the original snow tire designed to grip the surface with no chance of sliding on the road in below-freezing conditions.

Taking Care Of Winter Tires

Doing routine maintenance on your winter tires will make them last for many years. This involves keeping the air pressure properly inflated to the manufacturer’s instructions. It can be located on the side of the tire.

Check the tread depth on the tire periodically. A good amount of tread should be visible on the width of each tire for it to operate correctly on the road surface. Tread depth can be checked in a variety of ways. Tires with tread depth with extreme wear should be replaced. Ask your tire dealer more about what to look for when checking the tires for winter driving concerns.

Make sure the tires are cleaned up from salts and other solutions used by highway departments to melt ice from the roadways before storing them. The ingredients they use can deteriorate tire rubber over time. Covering the tires with plastic will help keep them in a new condition during storage. An outdoor building is another great area to consider when placing into storage to keep them out of the weather.

Getting The Best Winter Tire Deals

Remember to shop as early as possible to get the best prices on winter tires. Retailers like to move prior merchandise to rotate stock. When drivers shop early, they can get better prices on new tires rather than wait to take higher rates when retailers know they have no other choice. Drivers can shop online or visit local area tire retailers to purchase a new set of winter tires for their vehicles.