Auto Parts and Accessories: A Buyer’s Guide


What exactly are auto parts? Basically, auto parts companies are stores that sell auto vehicle parts, sometimes also referred to as auto accessories, to consumers who prefer to avoid the extra hassle of visiting the original manufacturer to buy these parts. Such is where the auto parts industry enters the picture. An auto parts company acts like a middleman between original car manufacturers and individual car owners.

For example, the car you drive may come with an OEM brake kit. However, if you prefer to replace the OEM brake pads with something more up-to-date, perhaps the EBC brakes from Brakeforce, then you can look for “OEM” or “Original Equipment Manufacturer” brake pads. Or if you are looking for something to make the ride more comfortable, there are options like stock suspension parts and petals. The key here is that you know what you need before you go looking for aftermarket auto parts.


If you have a manual transmission vehicle, there are many auto parts online you can find to upgrade your transmission – from auto mufflers, to auto exhaust systems, to auto clutch hoses, to steering repair parts and so on. If you have a front wheel drive model, you will find all kinds of aftermarket auto parts that are made especially for this vehicle type – such as performance steering, CV joints, CV windows and so on. So now you can see that the car you have is not the only one that can benefit from aftermarket auto parts – even if you are the only one who has purchased the car!